Taking Care Of Your Teeth

It is very important that you take care of your teeth.  Our teeth are made out of a strong material that allows us to chew food, have a good look and smile and much more.  If we are not capable of taking care of our teeth, we may need to get dental implants.  If this is the case, then you want to go and look at dental implants reviews orland park for the best options that fit your needs.


You want to brush your teeth on a daily basis. When we brush we are removing particles from our teeth that can do damage.  Our teeth have a protective coating known as enamel.  This enamel helps the inner layers of the teeth from decaying.  If we don’t brush then this layer will rot causing tooth loss.

Avoid acidic foods

Many foods will have an acid base to them that will be harmful to our teeth.  Sugars and other foods that stay on our teeth for extended periods of time will begin to cause plaque to form.  This plaque will then start to erode our teeth causing decay.  If you do eat these foods you will want to brush as soon as possible.  Prolonged exposure to acids can decay your teeth.

Watch what you eat

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There are many foods that may be hard to eat.  These can be nuts, hard popcorn and even vegetables.  When eating food you want to make sure that you use your molars in the back of your mouth since they are the strongest teeth in your mouth.  Using the teeth in the front of your mouth should only be used for softer foods.  If you eat these harder foods make sure that you take your time and don’t force your teeth to break them up.  Try breaking up these foods before placing them in your mouth for best results.